1 Timothy 2:1-2: I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

About Us

This short testimony is about how and why we started 678prayers.org social networking platform for prayer intercessors worldwide. Please read the whole page to understand our business process, and how this platform will help you to be overcoming any burden in life. 

For several years before 2010, I was unemployed. My wife too was unemployed. My family was hunted by poverty, lack, and so on. Although, were born-again Christians, devoted to church services, and have gone through one deliverance service to another; and we fast, pray and sow seeds everywhere as much as we could, yet we were living in complete ignorance of how to call up financial blessings from the throne of God in heaven. 

During this period we were also heavy in financial debts. We were almost hopeless, and people said were cursed,  until one day I got hold of the testimony of the mother of Joel Osteen in one of his book called "Your Best Life now." Inside this book, Joel wrote a testimony about his mother, and how she got her healing of cancer disease by praying for other people with similar sickness as follows: 

I will never forget what my mother did when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer back in 1987. After she got out of that hospital, she could easily have come home and just sunk into deep pit of depression. But mother did not do that. She did not stay focused on herself she did not constantly dwell on that sickness. In her time of greatest needs in darkest hour of her life what did she do? 

She went to church and prayed for other people who were sick or in need. She sows those seeds of healing. And just as the scripture says, as she began to help other people in need, her light broke forth like dawn, and her own healing came (Joel Osteen). 

After reading the above testimonies, I believed in it and told myself “what I need is to forget about my poverty situation and find a way to be praying for other people in need of financial and employment breakthroughs.”

The only challenge however was that people with my kind of problems don’t go to hospitals to be cured. This was how the seed of an online prayer sourcing framework was sowed in my heart. The idea is that other people suffering from similar afflictions all around the world should be able to send us their prayer requests so that we can pray for them. As we pray for them, in return when they receives their own financial breakthroughs, we also asked them to pray with our own Bible-based prayer scripts for God to bless us. 

Using slideshare.net, we uploaded our first financial miracle pray script for public download in July of 2010. This allows people using Internet search engine to find our prayer eBook and pray with it on our behalf and also send us their own prayer requests. We now have an audio version of the original pray for your download as well.


Amazing financial blessing for praying for others!

The first prayer came from USA from a lady who needed to us stand in gap for her husband who sick of cancer and for God to meet their financial burden as she too was not working. We prayed together that day. The next day, I got a phone call from my friend that he is sending one of his vehicle for me to start a taxi business as side income. This boosted my faith a great deal that God answers prayers intercessors.

It took exactly 7 months for us to start experiencing our own real employment and financial breakthroughs.

Our first financial miracle came on 18th February 2011, when my wife was restored back to her old job that she lost 18 years back. This was not the only spectacular miracles we received in that same year of 2011. God also restored me back to the public service on the 8th of August of 2011. The last time I worked for government before then was 11 years back from that date. 

In the midst of our mountains of financial problems, by praying for other people God shamed all those who were laughing at us and restored us back to gainful employment even at the time the world was going through the worse global financial uncertainties.

As we continue to pray for other people with diverse financial and debt problems, God also begin to reveal His knowledge of how to effectively pray for financial blessings to us. Eventually, we were able to have enough money to pay off our huge financial debts we accumulated over my 6 years of unemployment. 

This testimony about us, and testimonies of many other financial breakthroughs that we have been experiencing as a result of our faith that if we can gather people together who are in need of prayers for employment and financial breakthroughs, that God will heal our huge financial debts, just like He healed the cancer of the mother Joe Osteen are well documented in my upcoming eBook.


One of the fastest ways to defeat your financial or unemployment problems is to raise an Altar of God against them. Divine Altars of God as explained inside my upcoming eBook. It goes beyond a prayer altar. They are many, including your heart, and the hearts of other people, in-depth knowledge of  God on the matters, knowledge sharing framework, and your willingness to set up churches and schools devoted to teach other people about His knowledge on the problem e.g. financial debts. The starting point however, is a prayer altar without which, one cannot access the wisdom (anointing) from the throne of God.

More than 71,000 people has viewed or read our prayers since 2010

The hottest in demand spiritual product is prayer.

People since the begin of time and even the time of Jesus Christ will always flock to places where there are true altars (knowledge) of God for His help. This is actually the business we should be doing - praying for people, but we've often at times neglected it in pursue of unprofitable secular ventures. 

When I went back to find out how many people has viewed or downloaded our prayer script on slideshare,net  since 2010 to my surprise, I discovered that more than 71,000 people has visited it -  to view or read, pray with it and more 500 people has download it as shown by slideshare.net view statistics below. You can click here to see more on the number of views as at today.


If we are to gather these people in one spot  to pray for your need, they fill up the largest football stadium in the world. With modern technologies we do not need to gather them together in one place. We can ask them to register and signup from our own platform - 678prayers.org; make them pray at the same time. We can also host real-life online or offline local prayer events.


 What about 678prayers - what does it me?

Before God restored me back to gainful employment in May of 2011, He actually opened the eyes of my heart to be seeing Him through the Holy Bible according to His NATURE OR ATTRIBUTES AND DOCTRINE.

The numbers SIX, SEVEN and EIGHT refers to the ways God works and end all things on 6th Day, Rested on the 7th Day, and He will start New Things, New Creation on the 8th Day. These are the sacred numbers of God He revealed to man through Christ that we should be following for all things including praying unto Him (see Ecclesiastes 11:2)

For example the first altar constructed by Noah and 7 other people that came out from the Ark after the flood with him (Genesis 8:20-22). In most difficult times, you only need at least SIX OR SEVEN PEOPLE, and HOLY SPIRIT  as the EIGHT PERSON  to be your prayer partners or intercessors to launch a great and mighty spiritual warfare against your enemies, problems and challenges in life. Let the problem be as tall as the Wall of Jericho, or as deep as the depth of the grave, or even taller than the tallest matter, it shall crumble and disappear even on the SIXTH DAY OF YOUR PRAYER.

 Before you start posting, please read our Terms and Conditions. We do not want you to be posting things like pray this pray, type Amen and Share. However, we want you to post prayer request for people to be praying on your behalf.